"Live, Die, Repeat: Burying and Resurrecting Iranian Pop Stars in Southern California" (April 19, 2023): Lecture by Farzaneh Hemmasi (University of Toronto): Listen/Download
"Listening to Cumbia with Jorge Ballaza, Joyce Garcia, Alexandra Lippman, and Mirjam Wirz (broadcast on KCSB-FM, April 10, 2023)": Listen/Download
“A Personal and Political History of Ukranian Experimental Music with Professor Adrian Ivakhiv (broadcast on KCSB-FM, April 4, 2022)": Listen/Download
“A Talk and a Listen with Dick Hebdige, UCSB Professor Emeritus in Art and Film & Media Studies (broadcast on KCSB-FM, June 7, 2021)”: Listen/Download  
"Roundtable: Sustaining Music and Musicians in the Age of Streaming" (May 13, 2021): Listen/Download
"Senyawa discussion and Q&A" (Februrary 5, 2021): Listen/Download
“Don’t Let Me Be Lost To You: Early 20th Century Near Eastern Music in New York City” (October 30, 2019): Lecture by Ian Nagoski Listen/Download

"Tuvan rock band Hartyga interview and performance on KCSB-FM" (September, 19, 2019) Listen/Download

 “Re-Collecting the Global South: Sublime Frequencies’ Experimental Ethnomusicology” (January 30, 2019): Discussion with Hisham Mayet and Robert Millis Listen/Download 

"Beatles Revolutions Let it Be (1969) and Q&A with Musician/Producer Alan Parsons" (January 24, 2019) Listen/Download

"Negativland members Mark Hosler and Jon Leidecker (Wobbly) interview on KCSB-FM" (May 24, 2018) Listen/Download

"Decolonizing the Ethnomusicological Archive" (Feburary 21, 2018): Lecture by Aaron A. Fox (Music, Columbia University) Listen/Download

“Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (Rain the Color Blue With a Little Red In It)" (October 14, 2017): Interview with Chris Kirkley (Director, Sahel Sounds) Listen/Download

“Curating Sound Stories" (March 8, 2017): Lecture by Noel Lobley (University of Virginia) Listen/Download

"From Tango Myth to Tango History: Listening to the Pecourt Collection" (April 6, 2016): Lecture by Morgan James Luker (Music, Reed College) Listen/Download

Eugene Chadbourne: Performance and Workshop (December 7, 2015): Interview with Eugene Chadbourne on KCSB-FM (co-host David Novak) Listen/Download

Rock Doc "Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll" (May 20, 2015): Interview with Director John Pirozzi on KCSB-FM Listen/Download

"Without Art Humanity Has Never & Can Never Exist: Ethics, Music, and Industrial Capitalism (April 22, 2015): Lecture by David Samuels (Music, NYU) Listen/Download

"Really Feeling It: Ambiguity and Sincerity in Egyptian Pop Music and Politics" (April 15, 2015): Lecture by Daniel Gilman Lecture (Anthropology, University of Teas at Austin) Listen/Download

Rock Doc "Us & Them: Korean Indie Rock in a K-Pop World" (April 13, 2015): Interview with Directors Stephen Epstein & Tim Tangherlini Listen/Download

Global Rock Docs Film Series (May 7, 2012): Discussion by David Novak (Ethnomusicology, UCSB) and Ted Coe (Host of "The Freak Power Ticket") on KCSB-FM Listen/Download