Event Posters

Posters from Selected Past CISM Events

2019 - 2020

Image of Nagoski talkImage for Symposium on Music, Sound, and Indigeneity

2018 - 2019

zimbabwe solidarity concert poster alexandra lippman talk nate hun poster ruth rosenberg's talk poster poster of recollecting global south talk  beatles documentary poster amanda weidman talk poster poster of michael gallope's talk poster of louise meintjes talk  poster of makesb series poster of no no boy alex chavez's poster


2017 - 2018

poster of cultural sustainabilities conference Negativland's event poster poster of michael palmposter of glarland  poster of anna stirr lecture poster for aaron fox's talk poster of easter teeth  poster of score poster of christina dunbar-hester talk poster of mdou moctar

2016 - 2017

martin daughtry talk poster Jocelyne Guilbault's poster Nomi Dave's poster Noel Lobley poster   cathy ragland poster sources and currents poster

2015 - 2016

black star lines poster atkinson poster Luker poster jc abbey poster poster of jessica schwartz's talk poster of no body holy poster of helmreich lecture poster of eugene chadbourne's performance

2014 - 2015

poster of don't think i've forgotten poster of ian condry's talk poster of unknown passage poster of david samuels poster of daniel gilman's talk poster of rock doc us and them poster of oklahoma sonic boom experiment lecture

2013 - 2014

poster of william roy's talk poster of the story of por por poster of matt sakakeeny's talk poster of diane pecknold's talk

2012 - 2013

poster of rock docs poster of follow me down documentary poster of pilzer's lecture

2011 - 2012

poster of skinner's lecture poster of embodying mexico event  music and crisis poster  poster of global rock docs poster of caribbean crossroads

2010 - 2011

logo of music and the written world conference  poster of rock docs  poster of scholarly publishing conference

2006 - 2008

Poster of music and the moving image Poster of on the record: an interdisciplinary symposium logo of music and politics conference

2004 - 2005



2003 - 2004



2001 - 2003